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With the selection decision of the British Type 31-Frigate (the ES & T reported) For the design Arrowhead 140, The Marine) was developed (under the direction of Babcock International with the team 31 are Thales Group, Harland & Wolff, BMT, OMT and Ferguson, the Royal Navy will decide for the first time in modern history for it were foreign design. Because Pate was the Danish frigate "Iver Huitfeldt", which was built between 2008 and 2011. Odense Maritime Technology (OMT).

System design of the Type 31 frigate based on the Arrowhead 140. (Video: Babcock International)

The design should allow for sufficient flexibility, according to Babcock in order to adapt during the life of the ship equipment and systems and update can. In addition, Arrowhead 140 is relatively large for the objective pursued by the Royal Navy frigate concept of a lightweight all-purpose and provides space to be as simple as possible to implement future technologies, without having to make changes to the structure.

The first steel cutting to take place in 2021, launched in 2023, Boatyard Babcock Rosyth dockyard, Scotland. The last of the five vessels to be passed, 2028. The T31 frigates to replace the Type23, of which "HMS Argyll" to go out of service in 2023, according to previous planning. Their "extension" is already being discussed.

Thales' tacticos CMS (under the name H-Cube) is a central part of the Arrowhead 140. In the view of the Royal Navy a novelty. For BAE was previously considered as a supplier for the Combat Management System. Recently, this dominance was broken already received the contract for the adaptation of the countermeasure management systems Mine Mine Hunter (HUNT and Sandown class) to Thales (M-Cube). Raytheon Anschütz provides the integrated navigation and bridge system (as with all new ships of the Royal Navy).

Now that the design of the base platform has been set, the next challenge is to define the weapon and sensor adjustment. So far, Arrowhead is designed with 140 40mm- and up to 127 mm guns and the use of UAVs, radar and sonar equipment (hull sonar) have not yet been detailed. At present, different data exist regarding the arming of RAM and helicopters (Merlin or Wildcat). should be able to be deployed emergency vehicles and Überwasserkirche and underwater drones (UPS, UUV) over four laterals. On reserved seats ship containers can be added depending on the purpose or special equipment.

Additional function options:

  • Provision for up to eight containerized missiles (Next Generation Surface Ship Guided Weapon)
  • up to 32 vertical firing cells (Schiff ship, ship-to-air (Sea Ceptor), Schiff-land missile)
  • Installation of melee weapons systems like Phalanx
  • Towing sonar (towed array)

The price ceiling is (281 million euros) per vessel at 250 million pounds.

Hans Uwe Mergener