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In German Naval Yards Kiel (GNYK) the construction of the first integrated marine applications Rescue Center (iMERZ) for the German Navy has begun. On September 25, 2019 to the steel cutting took place at the Kiel shipyard. As a permanent deck house, it will replace the existing container-based rescue center on the combat support "Frankfurt am Main". The medical equipment is of ZEPPELIN MOBILE SYSTEMS (DMF), Meckenbeuren (Bodensee circle) is added.

Structure of iMERZ. (Graphics: GNY)

The iMERZ is an entire hospital, consisting of a clinic, two operating rooms, an X-ray room, a dental technology department and various laboratories. The new iMerz to be integrated in the spring of 2020 in Kiel on "Frankfurt am Main".

The procedure makes clear "how closely the shipbuilding with the maritime industry in Germany work with. ... This proximity and the ability to cooperate is the strength of the German naval surface shipbuilding and leads to new, innovative ideas. "Said Joerg Herwig, director of German Naval Yards Kiel.

The navy had 2015 two naval task rescue centers (MERZ). A MERZ consists of 26 20- and 30-foot containers, two floors installed on the upper deck. In a fire in 2015, the containers were destroyed. The separately housed equipment remained intact.

With the expected 2020 scaffolding a capability gap closes after five years.

Hans Uwe Mergener