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To equip the Puma infantry fighting HENSOLDT has delivered the 300th Sensorrüstsatz the multifunctional self-protection system MUST (Multi Functional Self-protection system). A conversion kit consists of four sensor heads and a central unit. The system includes also an infrared jammer, a Störelektronik and a rocket launcher. The remaining 42 MUST-Sensorrüstsätze provides HENSOLDT accordance with the contract made to 2020th

HENSOLDT is also involved with Waffenoptronikanlagen, periscopes and driver vision devices of HENSOLDT Optronics at the Puma program.

The MUST System - according HENSOLDT currently the world's only active softkill protection system in operational use in ground vehicles - detects incoming missiles and directed to the vehicle laser beams. Then infrared measures to disrupt missile control and / or pyrotechnic countermeasures are triggered by the central unit.

HENSOLDT liefert 300. MUSS-Sensorrüstsatz aus
HENSOLDT liefert 300. MUSS-Sensorrüstsatz aus

Distance Active protection systems such as MUST neutralize a threat before they can destroy a vehicle. To this end, they detect the threat and react in non-destructive form ( "soft"), by deceiving them or interfere with their control mechanism, so there is no risk of collateral damage is. MUST is also very discreet, so it has no appreciable effect on the radiation of a vehicle because it only uses passive sensors and an infrared jammer with a short activation time, so the system can be detected thermographic either visually or.

Gerhard Heiming