Alex Walford new head of the Lockheed Martin presence in Germany

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Alex Walford now responsible for the operations of Lockheed Martin in Germany with the objective of further strengthening the good relations of the company to the German Office side and domestic industry and to meet the changing security requirements in the civilian and military environment. Walford followed by Uli Finkenbusch who perceives the company on new responsibilities in Washington DC.

Alex Walford spent several years Air Attaché at the US Embassy in Berlin. In 2012 he graduated from the NATO Defense College and worked as a defense policy adviser to the deputy US ambassador to NATO and the defense minister in Europe in Brussels. As a colonel and longtime pilot of the US Air Force (T-38, F-16, C-130) has Walford has a strong operational and strategic expertise in the Air Force. As the son of a German mother, he grew up in Kaiserslautern and served as part of his military career for several years in Ramstein and Stuttgart.

Alex Walford on his new role: "With Germany joins Lockheed Martin for over half a century a close partnership and provides excellent opportunities for industrial cooperation and technology exchange - in the context of current as well as future programs. Given our growing presence in Germany and Europe, I am looking forward to the tasks ahead. "

To support transatlantic security interests Lockheed Martin is working with German industrial partners. The spectrum of cooperation ranges from collaboration of Lockheed Martin subsidiary Sikorsky with Rheinmetall and 13 other leading German companies in the STH program (Heavy Transport Helicopter) to the joint venture MBDA Germany for the development and implementation of TLVS - Germany's things to come integrated air defense and missile defense system.

Jurgen Hensel