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The new high-precision tactical inertial measurement unit STIM318 (Inertial Measurement Unit - IMU) of Sensonor provides a significantly improved acceleration sensor performance to support sophisticated management and navigation applications. His performance can in many applications fiber optic gyro (FOG) replace competitive. It offers improved system performance in terms of robustness, reliability, size, weight, performance and cost, and is designed for use in the autonomous machine control, UAV payloads, satellites, portable target acquisition systems, land navigation systems, tower stabilization missile stabilization and navigation and mortar targets.

STIM318 consists of three high-precision micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) -Gyroskopen, three highly stable acceleration sensors and three inclinometers. The development was done in close cooperation with a global operierendenGroßkunden, who developed an autonomous machine control for precise wrap. The IMU is based on the proven STIM design that has proven itself in commercial and military applications.

As a new function of the STIM318 provides Bias Trim Offset (BTO), which allows the user to exclude the bias of all 9 axes individually. The bias offset can be stored in flash and stay selected for the next boot.

As ITAR-free product STIM318 is available in an export-controlled and a version that is not subject to export control. It is compatible with Sensonors STIM300 IMU and additional features for applications can already offer STIM300. STIM318 is available from stock.

Jurgen Hensel