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The US Army has charged Kord Technologies for around 430 million euros to develop 50 kW laser weapons for anti-aircraft and four Stryker infantry combat vehicles (one train) for air defense for mobile devices at close range (Maneuver Short Range Air Defense, M-SHORAD) to enable. The aim is to protect Brigade Combat Team before UAS, helicopters, missiles, artillery and mortars.

Kord has to form a team in which Northrop Grumman and Raytheon competitive develop a laser weapon system and General Dynamics Land Systems is responsible for the integration into the combat vehicles. The laser developers have to develop the laser subsystem one year and integrated into the Stryker. In the competition, the two systems must demonstrate their performance against various threats. After evaluation of the results by the US: Army a system is selected and approved the production of the other three series systems.

The M-SHORAD train with four laser Antiaircraft Strykern should be operational in the Financial Year 2022nd

The Multi-Mission laser weapons Initiative High Energy Laser (MMHEL) of the US Army also supports the development of 100 kW lasers as part of the High Energy Laser Tactical Vehicle Demonstrator (HEL TVD), which is developed by Dynetics and Lockheed Martin. Another development is concerned, under the name High Energy Laser Indirect Fire Protection Capability (HEL IFPC) with 250 to 300 kW laser to tactical vehicles, which also until 2024 to come into force in the tensile strength.

Gerhard Heiming