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The Israeli Defense Ministry examined as part of the Future Combat Vehicle project opportunities to increase effectiveness and protection in future combat vehicles. The new Armored Fighting Vehicle (AFV) should be compact, agile, effective, viable, affordable and maintainable and are served by only two soldiers. The Carmel program itself does not produce a new vehicle, but groundbreaking visions for the fight that is based on advanced technology. The activities focus on autonomous and automatic maneuvering, artificial intelligence, and more.

Elbit Systems, Rafael and IAI - - With demonstrators, the three parties have presented their solutions. Under the working title Carmel emerged infantry combat vehicles in the 35-ton class. For the demonstrators of the M113 was used as a base. A possible series-production vehicle would receive a new chassis, says Tamir Eshel.


Carmel variant of Elbit Systems (Photo: Israeli MOD)

Elbit Systems has developed a technological concept with the Iron Vision "See-Through" Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) at the center. This is based on the technology developed by the industry for the fighter jet F-35th The concept is supported by the use of autonomous capabilities and artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate decision making and facilitate target acquisition with significantly increased speed and accuracy.

Cockpit view of Elbit variant (Photo: Israeli MOD)

With a Helmet Mounted Display (HMD) operates the two-man crew, the AFV under closed hatches, which further increases the capabilities and survivability. Combat effectiveness and reconnaissance sensors, unmanned UT30 Tower provides 30-mm machine gun. More education and active agents are unmanned land and air vehicles and an audible fire sensor.


Carmel variant of Rafael (Photo: Israeli MOD)

Rafael has integrated a transparent cockpit design in his concept that allows 360-degree situational awareness. Augmented reality for real-time battlefield information and data adds to the visual representation with goals, own forces and other points of interest (POI's). An autonomous mission support system supports autonomous mission planning, driving and simultaneous operation of all vehicle weapon systems based on capabilities of artificial intelligence in the fight. The unmanned turret is equipped with a machine gun and target and reconnaissance optics. The operation of the individual system illustrates the in the Linked in Twitter message demonstration video.


Carmel variant of IAI (Photo: Israeli MOD)

The IAI platform is based on the family of autonomous systems and robot tools of the company. Panoramic display, individual screens and control stick (joystick) are the basis for vehicle control and weapons delivery. The autonomous skills in combat vehicle operated by a central, autonomous system that integrates the various components in the platform and supports the human operator in information processing. The platform is based on AI technology to detect threats and enables effective Zieleingriffs- and weapons system management, and autonomous driving in different areas.

The Carmel program is flanked by other development programs, which were not presented to the public. These include hybrid drive, Cyber ​​Defense, active camouflage, multi-task radar and a system for identifying troops. Elements that have reached an advanced stage in the development process will be immediately integrated into the armored vehicles that the Directorate IMOD tank and APC now developed and produced.

Gerhard Heiming