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Against the decision in the Corvette program put women on 8 July a complaint with the Romanian National Council for Solving Complaints. And raised the same complaint to the Bucharest Tribunal. Only five days earlier, on July 2, the decision was known for the French Naval Group.

The Dutch shipyard Damen Shipyards with Mangalia (in Mangalia) and Santierul naval Galati (Galati), working together on site, justify its objection with irregularities in compliance with the established in the tender conditions. Women speak of leaked information, especially in terms of pricing. In the main, the company from Gorinchem other hand, argued that one of the participants can not be completely build in Romania the corvettes in the tender. An on-site assembly does not fulfill the requirements of the tender.

In addition, women tried to put forward in the selection announcement statement, the price is not the sole criterion for determining the winner was, and is in turn believed to have provided the best solution for the needs of the Romanian Navy. Damen's offer (1.25 billion euros) was only slightly above that of the Naval Group (1.2 billion euros).

In fact, in this respect sets Press CommuniqueThat was released on behalf of the French defense minister on July 3 on the website of the Ministry of Defense suggests that Lorient and Toulon Ollioules fall substantial portions of the building program. It says even the construction of platforms and the final assembly will be carried out in technology transfer in Constanta SNC. However, this formulation opened wide scope for interpretation.

As it is, the last word has not been said for the Romanian corvette program. What is in itself regrettable as the country in the face of the face of regional tensions growing for NATO significance of this sea area should have an intact navy with modern skills as bordering the Black Sea. The modernization program already suffered postponements. And thus the expected inflow for 2022 should not be to keep.

In this case, the government has to realize the modernization of the armed forces have an interest. Because it runs the risk of the political consensus that military spending in 2017 by 1.4 percent compared to previous years, should be increased to 2 percent of GDP to gamble. In 2018, the military spending amounted to only 1.8 percent of GDP. Mainly due to delayed or frozen modernization projects.

Hans Uwe Mergener