July published 2019 edition of the European Security & Technology

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The city Pfullendorf Lake Constance can not help their residents do not. But two years ago a handful of soldiers have been through serious misconduct the place and the army in the headlines. Mistakes were made but not only there, but on many levels of hierarchy. There was something run into trouble that exceeds the specific reason? The Bundeswehr has broadly determined, the Internal Leadership Center was the organizer of workshops in which it was determined what is going on in the armed forces and where it falls short. "Inner leadership - today" is the program that created it. In July, will be discussed in Koblenz about ES & T picks up this discussion in this issue on with a contribution of Inspector General Eberhard anger, with an analysis of the scientist Klaus Naumann, with a report on the experience with the internal leadership in action and an interview with Brigadier General Ruprecht Butler, the "Inner leadership - today" in the Ministry the program controls.

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Since playing a prominent role in the current scenarios helicopter, ES & T has devoted to this topic the focus of this issue: They are used for fighting, rescue and transport tasks. New developments will be presented in several papers. The maneuver "Trident Juncture," with the NATO spearhead has been practicing in May and June in Poland hedging of Eastern Europe against a possible threat from Russia is, of course, not yet evaluated - but the first information does the Joint Support already gained in the deployment of the forces and partially implemented. A look at the development of the Future Soldier shows how the Bundeswehr is preparing for the stakes that have been practiced in Poland.

In politics, the result of the election to the European Parliament is still hotly debated. What can we expect security policy by the new Parliament? How can Europe exist in world politics? This is our guest commentary in this issue. In Germany, many analysts make climate policy for the election results in charge. Is discussed really objectively about this topic? ES & T tries a different analysis of the climate policy.

Some people just smiles about what is reported on the flight readiness of the armed forces. But this is only really relevant to security policy if the Special Air has tasks that are relevant for use. So the problems are there not so serious? ES & T examines.

That's the arc of ES & T 7/2019, which the editors for you, our readers, has tightened.

Rolf Clement, Editor in Chief

Topics of issue:


  • talk, listen to each other, communicate (Eberhard anger)
  • Claim and reality inside guide is more than human guide (Klaus Naumann)
  • Inner guidance in combat - claim and reality during the Afghan mission of the Bundeswehr (Marcel Bohnert)
  • Inner guidance is in use even more important than at home - Interview with Brigadier General Ruprecht von Butler, Deputy Director in the Department I lead the armed forces in the Federal Ministry of Defense


  • Final tournament - The project "Heavy transport helicopter" in the implementation phase (Ulrich racing)
  • Experiences of the Special Forces Command with the new multi-purpose helicopter (Torsten Fricke)
  • New SAR helicopter - Production of the machines already underway (Lars Hoffmann)
  • The CH-53 as the extinguishing aircraft (Christian Jeschke)
  • Optimization of a proven weapon system - The new material conservation concept of the Navy aboard the helicopter (Florian Lobitz)

More Topics:

  • Change of president in Kiev - a chance for a fresh start in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict? (Tim B. Peters and Vasyl Mykhailyshyn)
  • Nuclear saber-rattling has far-reaching consequences for the whole world! (Heino Matzken)
  • German climate policy at a crossroads - Provinzialistische "climate hysteria" versus challenges of international climate policy (Dr. Frank Umbach)
  • We have to be realistic - First results of the exercise "Brave Departure" (Rolf Clement)
  • Better than its reputation - flight readiness of the Federal Ministry of Defense (Wolfgang Labuhn)
  • Cyberwar against the government plane? (Dorothee Frank)
  • Baltops 2019 - Multinational United maneuvers in the Baltic Sea (Dieter stockfish)
  • Unmanned systems for land forces (Dietmar Klos)
  • Improving personal equipment for all deployment options of the Army (Tino Bartelt)
  • Future Soldier - Enhanced System - A survey in the infantry (Jan Volkmann)
  • Structure of Future Soldier Plus - extensions for the German soldiers system (Dorothee Frank and Gerhard Heiming)
  • Future Soldier - Progress and procurement plans (Martin Paul)
  • "Baden-Württemberg" (F 222) put into service (Hans Uwe Mergener)
  • The Medical Service of the Armed Forces as a partner in the civilian disaster management (Ralf Hoffmann, Matthias helmet and Björn Hossfeld)
  • The detector comes back (André Forkert)
  • Loading machines in battle tanks - Possibilities and Limitations (Rolf Hilmes)
  • Movement in firepower - armament level and projects for the infantry firepower of the Bundeswehr (Jan-Phillipp Weisswange)
  • We must fight - 11th National Maritime Conference (Hans Uwe Mergener)