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Citing industry sources reported French daily newspapers that the Barracuda program will experience in Cherbourg its official launch on 12 July. The "Suffren", the first copy of a nuclear-powered anti-submarine submarine of the new generation of the program of the Naval Group, will be transferred in a ceremony attended by the French Defense Minister Florence Parly from the construction hall in a sort of boat lift / Floating , to take place from where the actual launch a few weeks later. Obviously, it is located at Paris, to put before the French national holiday on July 14, this milestone publicity scene.

The boat is expected to be delivered in late 2020 to the French navy. The delivery was originally scheduled for 2017 and then for the 2019th France ordered six 2006 SNA Barracuda as one of its main armament projects of the decade. At that time, the program amounted to a value of 7.9 billion euros. According to reports the French media, the cost is now at 9.1 billion euros. The delivery schedule is established as follows: "Duguay-Trouin", "Tourville" and "De Grasse" by the end of 2025, "Rubis" in 2027 and "Casa Bianca" 2029th

The submarines of the Barracuda-Class to the six of the in service 1983-1993 Rubis-class boats to replace, are 99 meters long with a displacement of 4,650 tons. They are four 533-mm torpedo tubes have (to accommodate the new heavy-F21 torpedoes (of Exocet SM39 anti-ship missiles and MDCN cruise missiles Missile de Croisière Naval)). Their range includes U-submarine, ship combat, support operations ashore reconnaissance and special operations. "Sapphire" is ruled out as the first of the Rubis-class by the end of the service.

Erstes Barracuda-U-Boot erblickt das Tageslicht

With a conventionally powered variant of the Barracuda Naval Group was able to bring the construction of 12 submarines against international competition in Australia (ES & T reported).

Hans Uwe Mergener