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For the second time the weapon carrier UGV came during the Estonian major exercise Spring Storm (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) Themis of FN Herstal and Milrem Robotics used. Developed by the Estonian company Milrem Robotics Themis was equipped with remote controlled weapon station deFNder of FN Herstal, in a heavy .50 machine gun was surrounded by scaffolding.

This year's second insert at Spring Storm should provide more information for the use of unmanned offshore platforms as a fighting force multipliers. During the maneuver the soldiers Kuperjanov Infantry Battalion set (Estonia), enter the Themis. The soldiers had while meeting offensive and defensive assignments in different locations. The inserts were made both in rural and in urban areas.

"We are proud to maintain our partnership with Milrem Robotics as we test our latest developments under realistic conditions," says Igor Klapka, VP Systems of FN Herstal. "For the first time we show new ways to control the deFNder-weapon station: The operator can move with the troops serving the weapon thanks to a portable control and observed over a screen or display glasses the battlefield. As before, there is a 'man-in-the-loop' system. "

Even Lieutenant Lauri Tõnisson from Kuperjanov Infantry Battalion also drew a positive conclusion: "The use of Themis UGV at Spring Storm has increased our combat capability significantly by increasing the mobility and effectiveness of warfare and reduces the fatigue of the soldiers. In addition, the UGV increased the effectiveness of firepower on the battlefield with the weapon system of FN Herstal as a combat force multiplier. "

Springtime is the largest annual maneuvers Estonia. It was held this year from 29 April to 17 May of 2019. About 10,000 soldiers of the Estonian Defense Forces, who was present as part of the Enhanced Forward Presence soldiers of the NATO-Battle Group and other allies took part. Overall, in addition to Estonia also Belgium, Germany, Finland, France, Georgia, Great Britain, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine and the USA were represented.

Jan-Phillipp Weisswange