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A press release published today by the Federal Ministry of Defense, where it mainly comes to the defense spending of the Cabinet decision on the draft budget 2020, the Ministry takes a position to finance future defense projects.

So it hot in the statement: "In addition, the financing of a variety of larger armament projects is assured. Here are for example the severity transport helicopter, the multi-role combat ship 180, the development and procurement of the euro drone that 2. Go the Puma infantry fighting vehicle and the replacement of aging Tranche 1 of the Euro Fighter to call. "

Until March 2019 have so far 269 of a total of 350 contracted armored vehicles, ships including the eight driving school vehicles to the Bundeswehr. The delivery of the last vehicle of the first batch is expected in August 2020th

So that came out in May 2019 Bundeswehr Technical Reports "Puma infantry fighting vehicle", über die konzeptionelle Zeitlinie zur Ablösung des Schützenpanzers Marder folgendes zu lesen.

"To ensure the numerical availability of ready-SPz during the task-oriented features of the armored infantry, a life extension of the Marder is provided until at least the 2025th In order for the defense technology foundations are created to be able to fully replace the Marder in the period 2025-2030. The detailed planning the replacement is dependent on the decision to order a second batch and the actual inflow of further SPz Puma. "Writes the technical government director Mark Mozer, Speaker in the department equipment of the Ministry of Defense.

Regarding the possible commissioning of the second batch writes the author continues: "For the task-oriented features of the armored infantry troops with armored personnel carriers three possibilities of action were studied. Including the hiring of additional SPz Puma, another life extension including combat efficiency of Marder and the procurement of armored transport vehicle (GTK) Boxer fell into a SPz version. In addition to assessing the associated quantity structures, costs and expenses, the army has expressed the tactical-operational reasons for the procurement of additional SPz Puma. "

With the announcement of the secured financing further steps in the detailed planning are thus possible. For a full equipment 560 armored personnel provided for under current plans, the Bundeswehr. This resulted in a lot size of 210 would result Pumas in the second lot.

More details on the latest technical features and planned combat performance upgrades can Pumas in the mentioned Bundeswehr Technical Report "Puma infantry fighting vehicle" be found.

Waldemar Geiger