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The response from the public has clearly shown it: the highlights of the day the army on June 15, 2019 Pfullendorf (Baden-Wuerttemberg) were the dynamic demonstrations and the static exhibition of the Special Forces Command (Calw, Baden-Württemberg). The KSK presented to the public as a successful hostage rescue can take place and what specific weapons or the specific device has KSK.

"Go, go, go!" The young woman in the stands no chance when she is grabbed by a group of terrorists and dragged into a car. The hostage-taking only takes a few seconds. Squealing tires of cars of the captors then stops in front of a warehouse which serves as a hiding place of the hostage. the audience, the young woman (actress of KSK) is brought into the interior and is tied there follow on the video screen.

Commandos abseil from LUHSOF. (Photo: KSK)

The subsequent special forces operation is a perfect combination of forces in the air and on the ground. A sniper of KSK switched after previous threat to its forces from a guard of terrorists. With security of sniper then the command forces penetrate up to the building with the hostages. At the same time achieve two other snipers by LUH SOF, the lightweight support helicopters of special forces, the use of space and abseil in the fast-roping method on the tower of the building on to secure the operation from there. Now the commando team blows up the door to the building to get inside. After a brief firefight the redemptive radio message "Jackpot" is coming - the German hostage is safe.

On the double, the commandos bring the hostages to a simultaneous landing LUH SOF to make them fly out safely. Then, it is now to secure the withdrawal of the own commandos. These lawn land-based command forces in their special vehicles approach and fight under resistance from the remaining terrorists to the warehouse before. A few moments later, all commandos are safe. Mission accomplished! With long applause the audience acknowledged the presentation of a planned in detail and implemented special forces operation.

A total of almost 12,000 visitors came to Pfullendorf. 500 soldiers from 29 organizations, the armed forces at the site of the training center represented Special Operations, to which also hosts numerous seminars and training periods for commandos and the offspring of the KSK, the command sergeant candidates are trained in the training company 209th Throughout the day well attended was the static exhibition of the Special Forces Command. In addition to weapons and equipment, the KSK showed realistically, is what challenges the use worldwide in many climates.

The aim of the exhibition static and dynamic demonstration was to show the people what the KSK is there and what it can. Impressively underlined here that the Special Forces Association of the army has in collaboration with the helicopter squadron 64 of the air force special, unique skills and therefore is able to make a significant contribution to the security of the citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Press Office KSK