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By the current political situation developing the national and Alliance defense is again more become the focus of politics and the armed forces. to when airborne operations are required, this is the order of the Rapid Forces Division (DSK).

German and Dutch paratroopers during the exercise Red Griffin / Colibri 50 at Bondelum, on 10/05/2017. (Photos: Bundeswehr / DSK)

For this to work in an emergency, the DSK trained this regularly. From 6 to 24 May 2019 will take place in Lower Saxony, focusing around the Greater Celle-Bergen, the Bundeswehr exercise "Green Griffin 2019" instead. The aim of this multinational exercise with about 2,500 soldiers is to increase the operational readiness of the German-Dutch used Air manouvre Task Force (AMTF) and acquire a common understanding of the application criteria, planning and command processes. Green Griffin is a scenario of national and alliance defense based on Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty. Led by the Rapid Forces Division (DSK) from Stadtallendorf are the troops deployed in Lower Saxony to carry out a defense against enemy, evenly matched, mechanized forces and lead a high-intensity combat. The fighting force is out of the deployable divisional headquarters (Main Command Post (MCO)) passed out. He indicated NATO and certified for NATO operations. Within 72 hours, he will be available. For cost reasons, it was left and at the site of DSK in Stadtallendorf established.

To transport the German paratroopers and their Dutch comrades Green used griffin 2018 German utility helicopters NH90 and Dutch transport helicopters, type CH-47D Chinook in the exercise Falcon Autumn 2018 /. (Photos: Bundeswehr / DSK)

Technology fans will be offered a lot during exercise in the sky and on land. So Dutch HERCULES C-130, CH-47 Chinook and AH-64 Apache helicopter and German combat TIGER and NH90 transport helicopter are used. There are also a number of land vehicles moving combat-moderate in the exercise area, including Wolf, Wiesel, mung & Co.

Green Griffin will consist of several combined air and airborne moving operations. The paratroopers are transported by airplane or helicopter to the site and spent by Parachute drop. Under the leadership of DSK from Stadtallendorf out the major units deployed and associations in Lower Saxony are to exercise its mandate in close German-Dutch solidarity and put their skills to the test.

The Luflandebrigade 1 "Saarland" with the paratrooper regiments 26 (two bridges) and 31 (Seedorf) are the focus of the exercise Force and the Air Maneuver Task Force. They are supplemented by Dutch soldiers of the 13th Mobile Lucht Bataljon (from Assen, NLD) 11th Lucht Mobile Brigade.

André Forkert