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The US Navy has given 2 and 3 of Schwerlasthubscharubers CH-53K for the US Marine Corps in order with Sikorsky, a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin company, lots. twelve CH-53K will be produced for delivery from 2022. For around one billion euro order for the start of series (Low Rate Initial Production, LRIP) continues for this aviation stuff, which had begun with the first LRIP contract 2017 six helicopters. The first CH-53K was handed over on 16 May 2018 the troupe and has since been subjected to numerous tests.

The US Marine Corps has a requirement of 200 heavy-duty helicopters logged for a budget of around 27 billion euros is planned. The decision to start series production (Full Rate Production, FRP) is expected later this year.

After specifying Sikorsky CH-53K is the only sea-based long-range heavy lift helicopter in series. With three times the lifting capacity of its predecessor, the CH-53K will be used among others for the Schwerguttransport of armored vehicles, equipment and personnel to support operations in the deep inland from a sea-based operation center. The new CH-53K surpasses its heavy load capacity all others in the US armed forces used Drehflüglerplattformen. The heavy trucks to remain in production until 2032 and beyond.

Designed as a reliable, low-maintenance helicopter that is able to survive under the most difficult conditions, the CH-53K has now flown more than 1,400 hours of testing. This included, among other evidence, to airlift a external loads up to 16 tons. Currently, the aircraft is in a challenging test program to ensure that the US Marines can move troops and equipment safely at higher altitudes, faster and more effectively than ever.

The extensive functions of the CH-53K next to the troop and equipment transport include inserts for humanitarian aid for the evacuation of victims (CASEVAC), in support of special forces and search and rescue soldiers from combat zones (combat search and rescue, CSAR) ,

The Bundeswehr has launched a program to purchase up to 60 heavy transport helicopters. Among the remaining two candidates in addition to the Boeing belongs CH-47 "Chinook", the Sikorsky CH-53K. The US authorities have asked for a license in view of a possible procurement. In addition, Israeli forces and the Japanese Self-Defense Forces have expressed an interest in the CH-53K.

Gerhard Heiming