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After the initial presentation of the Lynx KF41 at Eurosatory 2018 in Paris Rheinmetall takes the combat vehicle is now at three competitions: the Czech Republic, Australia and the USA. The scale of the design as a family vehicle tanks can be adapted by the modular structure flexibly to the requirements of military customers. 17 different versions are in competition books, from the infantry combat vehicle with a tower and cannon to 50 mm above command and Aufklärungspanzer (with tower) to pioneering, recovery and sanitary tanks (non-tower).

The modularity allows particularly true for the participation of national industry partners to meet the demands for technology and knowledge transfer, as well as added value in (receiver) to meet country. With numbers of 210 (Czech Republic), 400 (Australia) and 4000 (USA), the programs have significant financial weight. The first decisions on the selection of competitors (Down Selection) are expected later this year.

The Lynx KF41 is an armored platform in the 40 ton class. With 15 tons configurable mass can be implemented with variants combat weights 36-50 tons. Hull and turret are made with high groundwater protection and can be brought demand for higher levels of protection (also with active protection). The combined air-conditioning and NBC overpressure is equipped with NBC protection filters from Beth El. a 850 kW diesel engine series by Liebherr with high torque in conjunction with an automatic Renk HSWL 256C Superimposed steering mechanism serves as the drive. In the torsion bar suspension drive with six rollers shock absorbers are installed by Supashock. As a crawler system chain of Defense Service Tracks (DST) is used.

The manned standard Lance tower is equipped with a 30 mm (Mk30-2 / ABM) or 35 mm automatic cannon, which can be recharged with armor protection, and is prepared for Shooting of Airburst ammunition against aircraft or unprotected land targets. Mission pods on both sides of the tower are intended to be fitted with eg anti-tank missiles, UAV or agents for electronic warfare.

The electronic architecture to 24 volts basis with CANBus, Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA), integrated computer system and WinBMS battlefield management system, like the equipment with electronic / electrical equipment over two generators together 600 A supplied with electric power. With the vehicle stationary, the engine can provide durable electrical energy (and reduced noise) with reduced power.

Specificity of the Lynx KF41 is the removable cover of the tub. Thus the battle space can be provided within a few hours with a high roof, and thus create more volume for extensive mission equipment or to achieve headroom. Depending on the configuration in the interior up to nine soldiers can be transported on mine-protected seats. What equipment is to be housed in the different versions, is set in all three competition proceedings only with the presence of the final tender documents.

Rheinmetall has introduced the Lnyx KF41 before international journalists in a form suitable for competition in Czech Republic version. The availability of weapons, observation, aim and fire control and communications and additional electronic equipment was exemplary, as the final specification is not yet available for the vehicle. Due to the required participation of Czech industry, the selection of industry partners will affect the selection of the devices. The presented Lynx is exhibited at the International Defense and Security Technologies Fair (IDET) End May 2019 in Brno.

Gerhard Heiming