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Many policy experts of international relations makes currently considering an increase in international conflicts and a new complexity, a certain helplessness wide. Perplexity in politics particularly challenges the political science. The political actors is often disregarded that politically desirable from the perspective of Washington many decisions by President Donald Trump and comprehensible are. Partly arrive at Trump moments of isolation and isolationism to bear that have always been part of American foreign policy. At the same time, the US overall situation must be taken into view in order to assess how its decisions are made and how viable they are.

Review: The Monroe Doctrine

Between the Declaration of Independence in July 1776 and the Wilson Declaration of April 1917 are mainly decades that served the internal structure and the internal political consolidation of the United States. Accordingly, the Monroe Doctrine of December 1823 is to be understood, emphasized in the US President James Monroe, the United States that does not interfere in European conflicts. Monroe warned of a new European colonialism and a re-colonization of Latin America by Europe (Pan-Americanism). At the same time it came to distance itself clearly from Great Britain and the British Empire. Nevertheless, relations between Washington and London maintained up to the present a unique character that sets itself apart from the relations of Washington the rest of Europe and Latin America.

President Thomas Woodrow Wilson, the 28th President of the United States, sat with his ten-point declaration in January 1917, the Monroe Doctrine temporarily suspended, he said on April 6, 1917 USA entered the war. (Photo: archive Whitehouse)

This political view of Washington is marked by the Declaration of Independence, which is to be understood as an act of liberation and emancipation of Europe. At the same time there is the political aspirations of the United States is to remain independent of other powers and influences. is decisive, especially in the southern states and in the so-called Bible Belt, the image of a US immigrant or farmer who formerly staked his country, which he wants to manage himself and also controls itself through its own firearms today. This attitude of many Americans out one to the present day lasting results disinterest of many Americans to the world outside the United States, combined with a great lack of knowledge about the history and geography of foreign countries and peoples.

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