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Tactics not determined the technique vice versa. Nevertheless, the mechanization of tactics is steadily increasing. While establishing for clothing and personal equipment, the trends of recent years as standards, falls the topics robotics, unmanned systems and training to ever greater attention. Observations of this year's 8th EnforceTac, the third UT Sec and the 46th IWA & Outdoor Classics in Nuremberg.

Hexonia use in combat clothing Bundeswehr Multitarndruck (photos: Jan-Phillipp Weisswange)

For clothing and equipment, the standards modularity, miniaturization and weight savings, improved safety and ergonomics as well as camouflage set (including "tactical Zivils") continued. Here, sometimes the lines between tactical and tactical benefits lifestyle. In Germany, Dr. engage Florian Winkler (Phantom Leaf) and Matthias Bürgin (Concamo) in the field of camouflage so well-known manufacturers and distributors as MD textile, Recon, Tacwrk, Tasmanian tiger or UfPro now clothing and equipment in these patterns offer. Besides the classic "Stone Gray olive" is experiencing the special police units area another boom. Other "eye-catchers", especially in Germany, the Bundeswehr own Multitarndruck counts. WL Gore, Lindnerhof tactics and Hexonia showed clothing and equipment in this pattern.


Striking much movement there is in handguns sector. So stand on major projects. France has announced a new service pistol until early March. In Germany, the industry expects this year the Bundeswehr project "gun in cross-section." In addition, a "system gun special forces" at issue, which is different with regard to higher magazine capacity or Zurüstmöglichkeiten of optics and silencers from the standard project.

For the first time in Germany, the new compact US Army standard pistol M18 SIG Sauer was shown on the EnforceTac. Additional "eye catchers" in authorities sector included a study of a SFP9 in special forces embodiment Heckler & Koch, the new Steyr-gun models A2, the multi-caliber pistol PSD of FK Brno, the new CZ P-10 F (full-size), a special forces version of the new lauco Arms Alien from the Czech Republic and the Glock 46. This has a new rotary barrel locking system. This construction makes it possible to relax the gun without pulling the trigger and disassemble leaves - a central requirement of the German Technical Guideline for police pistols. After all, could the Glock 46 thus prevail as a new service pistol police Saxony-Anhalt, The B & T AG from Switzerland showed a trade fair novelty their Conversion USW-G17With which the shooter can use its Glock 17 or 19 both pistol and with anvil shaft.

The Glock 46 is comparable in size with a Glock 19 Gen5 (Photo: Photo:. Jan-P Weisswange)


The caliber .300 Blackout seems - with some delay - to take now in Europe foot. Steyr Arms (formerly Steyr Mannlicher) showed the latest version of its army universal rifle (AUG) in this caliber. The modernized bullpup weapon is reportedly in the Austrian Cobra Special Forces and WEGA already in service. FN Herstal introduced its subcompact middle distance weapon FN SCAR-SC before officially to Enforcetac in .300. It aims among other things to a procurement project of the Belgian Federal Police, which wants to procure 1,500 such weapons. The Suhler company CG Haenel also working on a new member of its CR family in this caliber. A prototype of this CR300 was issued on EnforceTac stand. SIG Sauer and B & T, however, include also long been the supplier of the 300-gun systems.

CG Haenel CR300 with 10.5 "run and Leupold 1.5-5 x 24 and DP Pro-Optics Package
HK433 prototype stage 5 with 11 "run in sand brown (RAL8031)

In the "classic caliber classes" showed FN Herstal for example, procured by the police of Bavaria as a middle-distance weapon semiautomatic version of the FN SCAR-L in 5.56 x 45 mm. Corvus Defensio hired in August in version, as it currently receives the Austrian police. So these weapons come standard with an Aimpoint sight and some attachments of the Austrian AUG tuning specialists.

Heckler & Koch showed different versions of the HK433 prototype status 5: once sand brown in black with 14.5 "run and once in the shade" "RAL8031 with short 11" run. Likewise, the HK416A7 was in the configuration "assault rifle special forces" (G95K) at the booth. It is likely that HK433 and HK416 carbines and machine MK556 made by CG Haenel currently in the running for the new "System assault rifle Bundeswehr" are located. However, both the representatives of the industry and the armed forces cases due to the ongoing tender understandably silent.

But not only long guns for the "line" are the focus of military and police fundraiser. The spectrum ranges from easy to concealing ultra-compact sub-machine guns and assault rifles for rapid fire superiority ( "bailout Guns"), with sound special weapons to various sniper rifles including specially developed ammunition. No wonder that some European authorities area is not strongly represented vendors presented their products: IWI, mTAN (from Israel Import: knife arms trade), or MKEK Taurus, to name a few.

The currently initiated in the US plan for a new generation of hand weapons played at least in Nuremberg at best in hallway conversations a role. Thus, the US forces are planning a new generation infantry weapons in a new 6,8er caliber. This "next generation Squad Weapon" project but only the projectile is given. The interested and selected for the competition companies are to develop weapons and appropriate calibers. That until then a lot of water is likely to flow down the Potomac, is clear. That implies from the replacements for M4 assault rifles, not least: Until 2024 are to come into the Army arsenals about 450,000.


The Next Generation Squad Weapon includes a new intelligent optics with integrated laser rangefinder and ballistic computer. Steiner, for example, the Intelligent Combat Sight something already on offer. The Israeli Company Meprolight set with the foresight a solution that can provide different reticle and a digital calibration mode and an integrated compass. There is no doubt that working on similar optics.

Ever belong to the rapidly evolving standards in the field of optics and optronics miniaturization, weight reduction, lower energy consumption and higher performance as well as the possibility of networking. Add to this the availability. More and more providers are broadening their portfolio to include optics, most recently, the Krefeld company Schmeisser with the Hawk visors. This Systemhaus claim pursue other manufacturers also like SIG Sauer or DND that offer also matching their weapons optics.

effective means

A German police law enforcement officer often leads the baton, short expandable (EKA), lamp and pepper spray with them on patrol. A Frankfurt colleague has developed a sophisticated device with the "Multi Bridge", to use all elements with one hand. This "Multibridge" presented Bonowi before the trade show.

Distance-effective means below the firearm are increasingly the focus of regulatory attention. These include about the Taser or different launchers of various types of ammunition in various calibers. While police use in many European and non-European countries such applications means increased, they form in Germany is still rather an exception and are mostly special forces reserved. After all, the discussion starts. In addition to 37/40-mm cannons for various applications various concepts for the defense of small Unmanned Aerial Systems form ( "drones Faust"), a leading market. On the EnforceTac showed Dynamit Nobel Defense and MBDA beyond their shoulder-multipurpose weapons including the Small missile Enforcer.

The modular system used helmet Schuberth P100N now offers a laser protection visor


Coming strikingly, the market for mission-related shooting training developed. Ranging from virtual reality solutions such as GAIM made by Aimpoint over laser-based applications such as FN Expert, or LACS Simgun to the operation of complete systems for live fire. The Messer arms trade is currently building a modern shooting training center, which is scheduled to open in Offenbach in March 2020th Other companies, such as the year to date organized as a limited company Lahner Academy, Teuto-Defense or ZST specialize in to train governmental customers as well on site. For both the one and the other approach, there are other vendors such as KL Strategic, Marathon targets Meggitt, PRORETA or Swiss Defense that provide orstfeste or mobile-to-use shooting range infrastructure.


With over 300 exhibitors and 5,000 trade visitors from around the world to Enforce Tac, UT SEC and the parallel conference of police trainers in Germany e proven. V. once again on a growth path. The number of participants meant growing crop by 25 or 35 percent - despite strict accreditation guidelines. That the covenant Ministry of the Interior, for construction and home and the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, State Development and Energy as patrons served, shows the importance of events in the political sphere. The next double exhibition will take place ahead of the IWA on 4 and 5 March 2020th Individual innovations of tactical fairs will present ES & T in the coming weeks on its online media.

Author: Dr. Jan-Phillipp Weisswange works as a public relations officer in the defense industry. This article expresses his personal opinion.