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According to unconfirmed reports, a British newspaper, the British Army only 148 of the 227 Challenger 2 is planning to modernize. According to the report, the remaining 79 battle tanks to serve as a source of spare parts and made ready for use again only when necessary.

The current modernization plans of the British Army provide for combat efficiency of the Challenger. 2 Both Rheinmetall and BAE Systems have applied for the modernization of the tank under the "Challenger 2 Life Extension Project (LEP)". The decision for a provider is still expected in the current year. (Whether effects from the Joint venture Rheinmetall - BEA SystemsWhich is to take effect by mid-2019, will result, is not yet known.) Originally wanted 227 renewed Challenger 2 received the British army in the modernized state until 2035. The estimated value of the modernization contract was estimated at 730 million euros. The Challenger 2 is used by the British Army since 1998th

If mentioned in the reports numbers are actually implemented so Britain would with the further reduction of the armored force - originally 408 Challenger 2 were purchased - another way in the orientation of the armed forces to leave when it do, for example, Germany and many other NATO countries.

The Bundeswehr intends to increase the number of battle tanks by 2023 from 244 to 320 pieces. To both contracts for the repurchase of Leopard 2 and its upgrade to the modern version of Leopard 2 A7V were closed in the last two years (May 2017), taken as the modernization of 101 Leopard 2 A6 to an armament level similar A7V under contract (April 2019). Furthermore, the German-Dutch tank battalion was set up in 2016 in Bergen-Lohheide 414 and announced the establishment of another tank battalion in Hardheim in December 2018th

Reduziert Großbritannien seine Panzertruppe?

Important features of the A7V include the adjustment of the weapon system for the Verschuss the tempierbaren HE ammunition, a thermal imaging device of the third generation for the gunner and improved thermal imaging device to the commander, a digital intercom system SOTAS-IP and passive additional armor on the hull front, changes in transmission and final drives to improve acceleration, fighting compartment cooling system and power generation plant, the laying of the NBC protection system in the turret rear, to make room for a refrigerator for the driver and the day and night vision system Spectus for the driver front and rear. In this equipment, the Leopard 2 has reached a combat weight of 62.56 tonnes.

André Forkert / Gerhard Heiming