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How on Navy website is to learn, the Federal Office for equipment, information technology and use of the Bundeswehr (BAAINBw) on April 30, the frigate "Baden-Württemberg" by the ARGE F125 (Association F125), which is composed of the Kiel ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems as the leading company and the Bremen Lürssen Werft, adopted.

In the now until the commissioning of seven (!) Weeks to commissioning by the Navy in June, "Baden Württemberg" is checked for sea trials and prepared to take over. For this, the safety checks are (for example on launching, on-board cranes, pressure system) as well as include the acceptance of the IT system so the ship to participate in the communication network of the armed forces is capable. In addition, the time is to be used for processing of residual points from the construction contract.

Thus a longstanding stalemate is finally coming to an end good. (In an interview with this newspaperESUT April 2019) Had the inspector of the navy, Vice Admiral Andreas Krause said: "We need those ships now in the Navy, to firstly carry out the necessary of us trials and on the other to have the opportunity in routine operation further experience with the ships gather can before we actually send in the application again. "This opportunity now seems to have! Congratulation!

Hans Uwe Mergener