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The German Navy will receive from 2022 five new corvettes K130 class. The keel laying of the first unit, the Corvette "Cologne" took place on Thursday, 25 April 2019 Peene-Werft in Wolgast.

The German defense minister when hammered the nails for the keel laying of the K130 corvette "Köln" (Photo: German Navy)

Federal Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen, Prime Minister Manuela Schwesig and the members of parliament Eckhardt Rehberg and Fritz Felgentreu and the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Navy, Vice Admiral Rainer Brinkmann, followed a centuries-old shipbuilding tradition by nailing an engraved brass plate with applied to coins for good luck symbols on a piece of wood, which was then placed on the steel section of the keel block on Pallum.

The tapered from 2022 Corvette six to ten are represented by the Working Group (Arge K130), consisting of the Lürssen shipyard, thyssenkrupp Marine Systems and German Naval yards Kiel (GNYK) supplied. The production of the five rear ships carried out on the Peene-Werft, two foresections are manufactured by the Lürssen shipyard in Bremen and three foresections from the GNYK. The assembly is completed by Blohm + Voss in Hamburg. Stressed that von der Leyen, the German Navy desperately needed with the new Corvette "workhorses" will receive. The Peene-Werft described it as a reliable partner of the Navy. "This shipyard stands like no other for the term of Excelent work," made in Germany ". They also announced that the time of the underfunding of the army is over.

The introduced before five 'years trend already showing fruit so the Navy run every year a new ship. So will the first frigate class 125, the "Baden-Württemberg", put into service in June of 2019. Schwesig turned out that the keel laying is a good day for the Navy, for the future of the Peene-Werft (job security) and as a location in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The construction of corvettes to it that the consequences of short-time working at the Peene shipyard by the export ban on the manufactured for Saudi Arabia coastguard boats are mitigated.

Dieter stockfish