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With the "Bretagne" the fifth of eight of the new multi-mission frigates ( "FREMM") of the French Navy in service was provided on 20 February. Their handover to the Navy took place on July 18, 2018. In French (certification) process a long-term use (usually six months), provided after the sea trial and before India position, often with a maneuver participation. Thus, the "Brittany" in the NATO maneuvers participated Trident Juncture. Due to a machine or drive damage, the Indian position delayed by one month. is Ponant home port of the "Bretagne".

The "Normandie", hull number 6, the end of February began its sea trials. Their certification by the Marine is to take place in the summer, their India position is provided for the (early) 2020 (Brest home port). The yard numbers 7 ( "Alsace") and 8 ( "Lorraine") as the remaining units of the "FREMM" program are in Lorient under construction. Your position India is expected by the 2023rd

Technical data of the "FREMM" class:

Dimensions: 142 x 20 meters
Load displacement: 6,000 tons
Speed: 27 knots
Capacity helicopter a "Caiman" helicopters


16 MdCN (britisch-französischer Marine-Marschflugkörper)(nicht Baunummer 7 und 8)

8 Exocet MM40 Block 3 ship-to-ship missile

16 ASTER 15 (from the hull number 5 is provided with a later retrofit ASTER 30) (construction number 7 and 8: 32 ASTER 15/30)

Artillery: 76mm, 20mm two guns

Torpedo 2 × 2 MU90

sensors: Multifunktionsradar Herakles

Hull array UMS 4110

Schleppsondar Captas 4

Jammer (2)


The "FREMM" program is an Italian-French joint project. Both shipyards (Fincantieri and Naval Group) are competing for export opportunities.

Hans Uwe Mergener