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Thales Nederland is developing together with the Dutch Defense Materiel Organization (DMO) (military procurement) awws, Above Water Warfare system (after corporate statements) pioneering fire control system, which is based on the CMS (Combat Management System), and insert.

The agreement was announced by the CEO and the director tanning Edelijn DMO Admiral Arie-Jan de Waard on February 28 public appeal to the staff of Thales Nederland headquarters Hengelo. The successor whose inflow is expected from 2024 the Dutch and Belgian M-frigates, producers ladies should have by awws about self-defense capabilities and also some (limited) space protection against modern missiles and other air targets.

Latest sensor technology for target detection and tracking will apply, as a dual band X / S digital radar of the latest generation, which combines the capabilities of multifunction radar APAR and Sea Master 400th Thales promises that the system will be adaptable during the operating period of the ships and supplement capable by its modern software architecture.

The awws project to which a demonstration exists, grew out of a begun a decade ago cooperation between the DMO, TNO (Netherlands Institute for Applied Research) and Thales.

Hans Uwe Mergener