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Today March 1, 2019, the offer period ended in Australian armament projects Country 400 Phase 3 Mounted Close Combat Capability. The "Diggers" looking with the project, a new infantry fighting vehicle family.

The new vehicle will replace the previously used M113, a Absitzstärke of six men and - keep up in terms of the strategic and tactical mobility with the M1 main battle tank - a key demand. The Australian forces want a tracked vehicle with a manned tower.

In addition to the 232 armored personnel 17 Maneuver Support Vehicle is required. It is an assertive accompanying armored engineer vehicle, which is intended to remove one hand from enemy obstacles and also assist in building their own field fortifications. There are also seven other variants lead vehicle (21), forward observer / Joint Fire Support (19) Pioniererkunder (9), ambulance (24), repair vehicle (25) recovery tank (22), engineer vehicles (31). Four other possible variants are mortar carrier (15), mortar ammunition handling equipment (25) logistics vehicle (27) and an amphibious combat vehicle (50)

Possible candidates are (in alphabetical order) are: BAE Systems with the CV90MkIV (top left), General Dynamics European Land Systems with the ASCOD2 (top right), Hanwha (South Korea) with the next generation Infantry Fighting Vehicle (bottom left) and Rheinmetall with the Lynx KF41 (bottom right).

In the third quarter of this year the most promising candidates to be "geshortlisted", which then in a first expected anschließend- from the third quarter 2020 12- 18 months long test phase and - go to the "Risk Mitigation Activity". 2022 procurement decision will be made and be given the first commitment in the financial year 2024/25. Full operational capability is planned for 2030th

Jan-Phillipp Weisswange