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The second batch of the K130 Corvettes will be equipped with the TRS-4D Rotator ship radar and the HSSoldt's MSSR 2000 ID Freund-Feind detection system (IFF). The Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology and Use of the Bundeswehr (BAAINBw) has commissioned HENSOLDT with the delivery of a total of seven systems by 2022.

The TRS-4D Rotator is designed for anti-aircraft and anti-naval purposes. Its mechanically rotating antenna offers a combination of mechanical and electronic azimuth scanning so that targets can be captured and tracked very quickly. The AESA technology of the radar enables precise localization, particularly of small and maneuvering objects, and gives the ship's crew more time to react to threats.

The integrated MSSR-2000-I secondary radar for friend-foe detection (Identification-friend-or-foe, IFF) works with all IFF standards including the latest "Mode S / Mode 5", which is currently used by all NATO armed forces and retool their allies.

The F125 frigates are also equipped with the TRS-4D radar. Four fixed transmitters / receivers cover the observation area. Independent emitters are swiveled electronically (Active Electronically Scanned Array, AESA) and can track several targets at the same time.

Gerhard Heiming