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NATO Procurement and Support Agency (NSPA) has ordered FN Herstal handguns for the Portuguese soldiers system Sistemas de Combato do Soldato.

This - also view the NSPA major - major order for the delivery of FN SCAR assault rifles and machine guns FN MINIMI as a future standard weapons for the infantry and FN40GL grenade launchers, and accessories. Numbers and purchase price were not disclosed.

The FN SCAR assault rifle features in the embodiments L through the NATO-caliber 5,56x45mm and execution H via the NATO-caliber 7,62x51mm and is equipped with a 14.5 "running (L) or 16" (H) , For close combat the operator can in less than five minutes to replace standard run (H) running through a short 10 "13 (L) or". The rifle then called FN SCAR-L CQC or FN SCAR-H CQC.

The assault rifles FN SCAR can be equipped with a 40 mm FN40GL Mk2 grenade launcher, which is mounted on the lower rail of the gun, in order to generate additional firepower.

FN MINIMI (Photos: FN Herstal)

Also, the light machine gun FN MINIMI is procured in the two NATO calibers 5,56x45mm and 7,62x51mm. The version Mk 3 is the evolution of the world imported machine gun with improved Stem Cell Research and handling characteristics.

Gerhard Heiming