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The US Army has contracted BAE System to build the first Armored Multi Purpose Vehicle (AMPV) in series configuration. 506 million euros were made available for the Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) of 297 vehicles. As an option, are available for a total of 460 vehicles for the LRIP funds totaling 1.1 billion euros. Because the series contract is expected to join in the spring 2021st The AMPV is intended for the replacement of more than 3,000 M113.

Serienstart der AMPV für die U.S. Army
Photos: BAE Systems

The AMPV is a tracked vehicle, which is derived from the introduced infantry combat vehicle M2 Bradley. After removing the tower, the hull top was pulled up, protecting improved, revised the drive and integrates a new electronic architecture. The internal volume increased by 78 percent over its predecessor. a Cummins diesel engine with 440 kW, which brings the vehicle to a top speed of 70 km / h serves as a drive.

Five variants are planned:

  • Passenger and freight transport (General Purpose, GP)
  • Command post vehicle (Mission Command, Mcmd)
  • Mortar carrier (Carrier Mortar, MC), and
  • two ambulances for medical evacuation (Medical Evacuation, ME) and the treatment of wounded (Medical Treatment, MT).

Serienstart der AMPV für die U.S. ArmyDepending on the mission equipment includes the crew of two to five soldiers of different qualifications. In the GP variant in addition to the crew of two to six soldiers can be accommodated.

Serienstart der AMPV für die U.S. Army
Serienstart der AMPV für die U.S. Army

The first unit is to be fitted to the end 2021 AMPV. The plan provides for the delivery of the last cars to the end, 2028.

Gerhard Heiming