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Am 08.02.2019 hat das Bundesamt für Ausrüstung, Informationstechnik und Nutzung der Bundeswehr einen Teilnahmewettbewerb zur Modernization of 120 mm mortar round DM 61 started.

In addition to the ongoing modernization (in the form of Umlaborierung elementary and propellant charge) of mortar ammunition (ES & T reported first in 2016) should in this case, since the shooting accident in 2018 (ES & T reported in July 2018) locked approximation igniter PPD be modified 324th At the end of the modification of the igniter should be used only in its second function as an impact fuse.

Among other things, applicants must for this contract in accordance with the tender criteria "to be able to ensure the handling and mechanical modification (drilling) of non-inert fuzes for mortar blasting cartridges". Well informed by circles, the modification is to include a shutdown of the wind turbine, which is necessary for power generation of the igniter.

Functionality PPD 324 in the function of rapprochement detonator:

  1. Verschuss the mortar round.
  2. Air flow around the cartridge brings the inside-lying wind turbine to the circles.
  3. The circular wind turbine generates electricity.
  4. The igniter uses the electricity to radio signals by the Doppler principle to send out and receive.
  5. The final approach of the cartridge, the emitted radio signals are reflected from the ground.
  6. The igniter uses the reflected signals for determining the distance to the ground.
  7. If the set distance is reached the bottom of the fuze detonated the mortar round.

Waldemar Geiger