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The lack of standoff protection systems introduced for the German battle tank is a known weakness for years, which was last named by us again in January 2017 were destroyed when Turkish leopard due to this lack of protection by IS forces. Now proclaimed German representatives at the International Armored Vehicles Forum in London that this risky capability gap of the German Leopard now is to be closed at last, reports The Trophy Active Protection System of Rafael, as among other things the Jerusalem Post.

The principles of the standoff protection systems are neither new as the weaknesses of battle tanks. Since guided and unguided antitank weapons usually a comparatively low speed (150 m / s to 400 m / s), which possibility allows the available time between firing and hitting the active agent to the vehicle to actively fight the storeys and by to destroy countermeasures. In these systems, in principle an approaching threat is detected, tracked, and so combated with a countermeasure (blast or projectiles) that the effect of the hollow charge causes no significant damage. The fight takes place at a distance to take vehicle to be protected, so as to limit and possible collateral damage. The protection provided by these systems require the installation of multiple sensors, Abfeuerungseinrichtungen and / or effective bodies.

The protection of combat and transport vehicles against shaped-charge warheads is still a challenge. Since the use of conventional protective materials (steel, ceramics, composite materials), but also actively acting protective elements with explosives is difficult to realize in terms of volume and the weights of vehicles, without affecting the mobility characteristics significantly. This type of threats can be countered with standoff protection systems that operate on the hard kill system.

When Trophy Rafael are recorded with a radar threats tracked on and off using a Feuerleitcomputers with a series of small hollow charges. Trophy is used in Israel to successfully combat vehicles (Merkava). The US Army procured Trophy for its Abrams. So Germany is in good company when in 2022 the equipment of the leopard with the Israeli system starts.

Procurement is for VJTF (L) 2023. A total of 17 are to be equipped with Leopard Trophy. The integration is expected to begin in 2019 according to reports, the troops will thus be able to practice from the 2022nd

Deutsche Leoparden erhalten Trophy

Dorothee Frank

The video of Rafael illustrates the operation of Trophy.