Wehr Technical Report soldier and Technology 2019

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Soldier and Technology - for decades this pair of terms is supported by modern means struggle of individual shooters. Under this title, the new publication of the intermediary report publisher puts the individual combat effectiveness of soldiers and their multipliers into focus.

The WTR soldier and Technology 2019 through the online shop ordered both as a print publication, as well as a PDF version.

The refocusing on the national and Alliance defense and security policy requirement for overall social resilience let it be advisable to give the individual defense will recover more attention. Even Western democratic politics can not exist without warfare. Against this background, the mediator report publishing therefore sets as part of its series of brochures "Wehr Technical Report"

a new, now annually appearing compendium before. This is dedicated to the focus of individual combat effectiveness of soldiers and their multipliers. This includes both intellectual and technical armor: soldierly identity, combat readiness, training, (operational) experience, clothing, personal equipment and of course the armament.

The Defense Technical Report "Soldat und Technik" links up at two in the "Tactical community" established publications to. In 2009, the Defense Technical Report "clothing and personal equipment" was first published in 2010 followed by "small arms and munitions." Both brochures met with great interest and appeared in the result several times as updated and expanded editions. The Defense Technical Report "Soldat und Technik" does not see itself as a course

its replacement, but wants and consider a spotlight on in higher regularity all aspects that contribute to individual combat effectiveness. These include focusing equipment, armament and training, but also conceptual basis.

wants the Defense Technical Report "Soldat und Technik"

  • demonstrate the ever-changing conditions, which the individual fighters have to ask,
  • represent current status, trends and prospects in the fields of training, equipping and arming and
  • discuss future developments.

The focus is on the Bundeswehr, as well as international experiences, developments and trends are discussed. Similarly, the Defense Technical Report "Soldat und Technik" not only restricted to a purely military readership. For the purposes of the expanded security concept readers from the police and security authorities area to be addressed.

In a proven way to bring experts into the publication of security policy, armed forces, emergency service, purchasers, industry and trade press. Author and publisher thank for this welcome and look forward to a fruitful professional dialogue.