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Interview with Jens Schlueter,Head of Sales and Marketing and member of theManagement of DREHTAINER GmbH

ES & T: What kinds of products and services provides DREHTAINER its civil and military customers?

Schlüter: As a manufacturer of special containers to DREHTAINER has particularly specialized in the aspect of protection. This can be understood in different ways: firstly in terms of securing military installations against various threat situations, but also emblematic of the responsible implementation of existing standards from industry and nuclear engineering.

Die Kombination aus Mobilität und Schutz stellt eine besondere Herausforderung dar - Interview mit Jens Schlüter
Jens Schlüter, Head of Sales and Marketing and member of the DREHTAINER GmbH

In order to ensure the military protection, DREHTAINER products have been tested in numerous trials in military technical departments as well as similar institutions and institutes of international clients in accordance with the relevant STANAG. This way is DREHTAINER has built a unique expertise, thanks to which the accommodated in DREHTAINER containers soldiers were saved his life in direct rocket hits in the country on several occasions.

In the company's own firing range, container test stand in close collaboration with classification societies and expert organizations in both the private and other structures Manufacturer qualify.

Our products range from individual containers to large building complexes that are assembled modularly from a variety of containers. Use purposes range from classic military to civilian applications, such as workshops and laboratories, as well as special transport for satellites.

For all products there are individual solutions that are developed by our team based on decades of experience and manufacturing. So we are able to master even the most challenging customer requirements and to find unusual solutions.

Die Kombination aus Mobilität und Schutz stellt eine besondere Herausforderung dar - Interview mit Jens Schlüter
Supply and installation of a protected building for the Heron mission in Gao, Mali by DREHTAINER (Photos: DREHTAINER)

ES & T: Where the focus of your activities in the field of security and defense?

Schlüter: Here are two areas have emerged in recent years: For one, the command posts and other infrastructure for the camp.

Among the encampment solutions primarily all kinds are protected and unprotected container based building. In them the various functionalities can be mapped: accommodation, offices, canteens and hospitals are just a few examples. All the buildings are based on the developed DREHTAINER and already well-proven coupling system. The containers are made for it so that they can be interconnected by means of universal couplings. So it is not only possible to change the arrangement of the individual containers on site. According to this principle made building can also be expanded easily and as often off and rebuild. In addition to the buildings are also more safety and control devices to the area of ​​the camp infrastructure. can be an example here based container watchtowers and road blockers and checkpoints and transit controls call.

but at present one of the most important areas for us are clearly the command posts. These special military facilities based on the already described coupling system for modular building. but because of a particular they place strong demands on the aspect of protection. In addition to the protection against blast and ballistic threats, the RF shielding effectiveness plays a crucial role in fighting positions especially.

So far, command posts have been developed with a variety of sizes and protection requirements and manufactured by DREHTAINER already. Customers are, among others, Germany, the Netherlands or Great Britain.

Die Kombination aus Mobilität und Schutz stellt eine besondere Herausforderung dar - Interview mit Jens Schlüter
Die Kombination aus Mobilität und Schutz stellt eine besondere Herausforderung dar - Interview mit Jens Schlüter
Die Kombination aus Mobilität und Schutz stellt eine besondere Herausforderung dar - Interview mit Jens Schlüter
The protected F-35 command post DSAPF for the British Royal Air Force in the production halls of DREHTAINER
Die Kombination aus Mobilität und Schutz stellt eine besondere Herausforderung dar - Interview mit Jens Schlüter
Briefing space of DSAPF-command post consisting of two coupled containers

ES & T: What do you see as the reasons why your products are especially suitable for setting up deployable command posts?

Schlüter: First, there is of course the coupling system already described to call for modular building. On its basis, the buildings can be sometimes very variable and adapted configure various job tasks or build sections. In addition, the coupling system allows quick assembly and disassembly at the site to expand operations of medium and short duration to guarantee and the possibility the system to include additional units, so it is prepared for future requirements.

Due to the use in the field of C4I is in the deployable tactical command posts to institutions that place special demands on the protection. The buildings are therefore protected regularly according to STANAG 2280 against ballistic threats, for example in the form of direct grenade or rocket hits. In addition, important parts of the work areas are RF shielded. Also possible CBRN threats are taken into account.

The combination of mobility and modularity with the special requirements of protection and RF shielding effectiveness poses a particular challenge to meet the developed DREHTAINER solutions in particular. Examples of such systems include the GSCS (Ground Support System container Euro Fighter) or containers for the command post he Mission Counter Daesh for the consortium of the system houses ESG and steep and the two F-35 command posts for the Netherlands and the UK.

ES & T: What were the specifics of the development of the command posts for the operation of the weapon system F-35 Lightning II, which you have delivered to the armed forces of the Netherlands and the United Kingdom?

Schlüter: Structurally, the challenges were evident in the mobility of the entire system while maintaining the shielding effectiveness for the sensitive areas of the building. had solutions are developed here that a use in the context of missions of short to medium duration justice and times fulfill the high shielding effectiveness even after repeated assembly and disassembly.

Due to the use of the command posts within the JSF program F-35 Lightning II were not only involved the British and Dutch clients in the development of the command posts. Significant demands for data security and RF shielding formulated by the relevant US authorities. Only with certification developed by DREHTAINER overall concept for the SAPF (Special Access Program Facility) by those same authorities could begin the detailed design and manufacturing.

ES & T: Where do you see in the foreseeable future for the DREHTAINER GmbH, to participate in developments in the field of security and defense?

Schlüter: The previously supplied command posts for the F-35 is the first product of a series that will serve the troop testing and the training and the training of pilots and ground crew. Other systems have been provided by the customer already in view and are partly already being planned or are close to signing the contract. numerous since in addition to the Netherlands and Great Britain other nations wish to include the JSF F-35 Lightning II or have already begun, we still see great potential for the solutions we develop. In addition, the Bundeswehr when it comes deployable command posts in the future remains an important customer and partner.

Because of ever changing and intensifying threat situations around the world we see in the field camp infrastructure and protected container building potential for the future. Here is the special responsibility for the protection of accommodated in our containers and working people in the foreground. Therefore, our task for the future is in constant development and continuous extension of our expertise in protection.

Interview by Ulrich race.